Packaged Boiler / Plant Rooms

An increasing number of consultants and main contractors are recognising the advantages of carrying out as much work as possible away from site. This can be particularly attractive on fast track operations when a packaged boiler or tank room can be being built away from site at the same time as a building is under construction to be ready to accept delivery of the finished enclosure. If the site power and pipework have been brought to the plant room prior to delivery the installation could be commissioned and set to work within a few days of delivery.

The main contractor has less man management and H&S issues on site and we are convinced that a plant room built in a controlled factory environment should be built to a higher standard than a similar installation completed under site conditions.

If required we can provide an empty enclosure for you to fit out on site or in your own factory to your own specification or requirement. All the packaged plant rooms we provide are manufactured in our factory in West Yorkshire to meet all current standards and legislation.

Packaged Boiler / Plant Rooms
Designed to suit your needs

Designed to suit your needs

We offer a full range of bespoke packaged plant rooms:

  • Small 50kW boiler rooms.
  • Small tank or pump rooms.
  • Boiler, tank & pump rooms combined.
  • Gas fired boilers plants up to 1 megawatt.
  • Heat source air pump hot water generators.
  • Single or multi-section plant rooms dependant on size.
  • Fire rated boiler rooms.
  • Plant rooms for coastal environments.
  • Plant rooms with outstanding thermal and acoustically insulated casework.
  • Plant rooms supplied with short lead times.
  • Empty enclosures for you to fit out as you choose.

Whatever the specification we have the packaged plant room for you.