Flair Handling Systems Team

About Us

Since formation, Flair Handling Systems has established itself within the H&V sector as a manufacturer of high quality, bespoke air handling equipment to serve the education, retail, leisure and food production industries.

From our offices and factory in West Yorkshire we manufacture and distribute our finished products, day or night, throughout the UK.

By maintaining a rational attitude to design we strive to achieve value engineered solutions combined with high efficiency and reliability. The successful pairing of enthusiasm and experience provides the motivation to maintain a high standard of work, and working relations, that further our client’s expectations and requirements.

We are proud to be able to offer a truly bespoke air handling unit design and manufacture to cater our clients’ needs and by taking flexible approach to design we can ensure that proposed solutions meet specifications, whilst being competitively priced, delivered with minimal lead times.

One of our specialities is the manufacture and delivery of air handling equipment in kit form for onsite construction by our highly skilled engineers. A kit form solution provides a great deal of flexibility for supplying AHUs in restricted locations. There are very few access problems that cannot be overcome using this kit form approach.

Clients are increasingly wanting to upgrade individual components with existing plant removing the need to replace the whole AHU. Equipment such as belt driven fans are being replaced either because equipment is failing or damaged, or to improve system efficiency and decrease running costs. Flair Handling Systems has significant experience of this retrofit market from upgrading fans to EC type with integrated invertors, to swapping or adding heating and cooling coils.

A wealth of personal experience has enabled our management to build a balanced team with the appropriate skills to meet the demands of today’s construction industry. Our “Right First Time” approach has led to orders from a diverse client base including many high street household names.